SVING internal pivot doors

The SVING model line opens up new possibilities for creating room partitions with doors. The pivot doors work in larger sizes as well – whether ceiling-high or extra-wide. Not only is it possible to vary the position of the pivot point, but the door can also be locked at 90°. This technology enables automatic and adjustable soft-closing.

In terms of attachment to the wall, a range of different systems with and without frames and seals are available. Here again you have a free range of choices when it comes to size – whether ceiling-high or oversized doors, our flexible manufacturing department will be happy to meet any special requests to deliver the perfect made-to-measure door.

Main features

  • Flush fit between door and wall
  • Oversized doors possible
  • No door frame required
  • Variant with a sturdy wooden door leaf (40/48/64 mm)
  • High-quality pivot fittings
  • Different fittings options available

Your advantages

Pivot door made of wood, in large sizes and with individual surfaces.


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