Ceiling-high doors


  • - Spacious interior design
  • - Door leaf as design surface
  • - Uniform wall elevation (flexible direction of opening)


  • - Custom door production up to 4.2m height
  • - Various frame variants (see models)
  • - Guaranteed durability thanks to special door leaf design


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Model overview

The frame system is integrated into the wall in a tear-out-proof manner and offers unique wall design options.

Discover FLAT VD

Thanks to the subframe with shadow gap, the system forms a flush unit of door, frame and wall.

Discover INTRA UZ

The pivot fittings allow large door dimensions and weights for high flexibility in door leaf design.

Discover SVING pivot doors

Sliding doors are possible in large dimensions and can change the room concept through their condition.

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"We want to give our customers the freedom to design."

(Anne-Kathrin Hübner)

Your advantages

Security in planning

Installation and planning support

Tear resistant connection

15 years of assembly experience

Free choice of dimensions

In-house blank construction

Flexible surface design

Over 100 surface finishes

As a functional door

Fire, sound and burglary protection

Free choice of handle

Choose your desired handle

Only at ComTür: High-quality, wall-flush doors made to measure!

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Carefully developed

System experience for over 100 years

For over 100 years, ComTür has been manufacturing and installing doors completely in-house, from blank construction to final assembly. There is a wide range of variants, including inverted opening versions and systems for fire- and soundproof doors.



Patented construction

  • Material selection - guaranteed by long-standing supplier relationships
  • Workmanship - innovative production processes and traditional craftsmanship
  • Precision - accuracy through detailed coordination with interior fittings

Installation support

Drawings & installation aid

  • - Detailed assembly instructions (as pdf or video)
  • - assembly aid is supplied
  • - doors are drawn with wall connection ex works
  • - Measurement and assembly support possible

Video Montage FLAT 4C (invers)

Elegant & unique

Doors as design element

Ceiling-high doors design rooms. Whether in wall colour or as a design element with a high-quality veneer surface to match the wooden floor.

Let yourself be inspired

Quality doors with history

The family business ComTür Weimann GmbH was founded in 1919 as a building and furniture carpenter's workshop and developed further 75 years ago when Hans Weimann, the "tinkerer", joined the company to become a high-quality interior fitter.

Today, we are in the 4th generation and are very proud of our history as a family business, our many employees, who have also been with us for many years, and the high-quality doors that we are lowed to manufacture for our customers.

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Mario Weimann - Managing Director

Mario joins the company in 2018, together with his cousin and sister he forms the 4th generation.

Our doer.

In the last 4 years we have invested a lot in our internal processes. From 2022, Mario will take over the management from his father Wolfgang.

Wolfgang Weimann

Wolfgang joined the company in 1977 and has transformed it from an interior design company into a door specialist.

Our designer and creator.

He is the creative force in the development of new door ideas and our store of knowledge
in the realisation of complicated customer wishes.

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