Apartment entrance doors

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The most important properties of a flat entrance door are protection against burglary, climate and sound.
In addition, the entrance door should also fit into the design context of the house and meet the personal taste of the flat owner on the inside.

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Modern entrance doors

Surface-flush apartment doors

The surface-flush unit of door, door frame, and wall is a basic requirement in modern apartment construction. To this end, in the same way as for modern internal doors ComTür offers various frame systems that enable this type of flush installation. One highlight here is the frameless variant, in which the door frame is concealed in the wall. In addition, the entrance door can also be visually upgraded with high-quality fittings and handles.

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Elegant entrance doors

Classic apartment doors

The classic line of apartment doors shows off our traditional side, as our roots lie in the manufacture of high-quality style doors and panel framed doors. Accordingly, we have a huge range of different models and design variants available that you can choose from (refer to the section on “Style doors”). Just as with our front door models, you also have the option of designing the inside of the door separately from the outside.

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Portal elements

Impressive, made-to-measure entrance doors

Particularly for luxury apartments and high-end residential construction, apartment entrance doors add an important touch to the flair of the building. A front portal emphasizes this attribute and underlines the quality of the architecture in the entrance area. The portal can be individually designed as required in terms of form and surface to reflect the interior design or architectural aspects.

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Requirements for entrance doors

Our functional doors allow different requirements to be combined (e.g. protection against burglary & sound insulation), and at the same time they are also customizable in terms of design.

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"High-quality apartment entrance doors from ComTür, for a beautiful welcome and total security at home."

(Mario Weimann)


Exclusive city villa // Wall-flush entrance doors
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Listed apartment // Art nouveau doors
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