ComTür die Architekten der Türenkultur

DNA of ComTür

Architects of door culture

We are proud of our history as a family business and the generations that have contributed so much to the development of the company. We are proud of the values and guiding principles that still apply now as they did then, and in particular we are also very proud of our many employees, some of whom have been with us for very many years, who have enabled us to help elevate the quality of living and interior design of our customers with our doors.

VIDEO interview with Wolfgang Weimann

Martin Schütz

The founder

Martin Schütz founded the company in 1919 in the cellar of his home in Heilbronn-Biberach, Germany. In the small workshop, incoming orders were manufactured in time-intensive and laborious work using the simplest of hand tools. As a construction carpentry shop and cabinet maker, the company started out by manufacturing orders for construction work, larger pieces of furniture, and built-in furniture.

“Next to the workshop, there were two large oak barrels in the cellar for the cider that was produced in-house each year. During the harvesting and fruit-picking season, cabinet making was thus relegated to a side issue.” (Hans Weimann)

Hans Weimann

Tinkerer and inventor

Hans Weimann joined the company after his marriage to the daughter of Martin Schütz. Thanks to his professional qualification as a cabinet maker, he moved the company more toward high-quality interior fittings and construction, where quality and surface finishing in particular play such an important role. In 1960 he noticed a gap in the market for the manufacture of arched window linings in one piece. 

His “Swabian inventiveness” still shapes the corporate culture of the company to this day.

Gerhard Weimann

The technician

In 1963 Gerhard started his cabinet making apprenticeship in his father’s company. He soon took on responsibility for the ever-growing machine park and hit on the idea of purchasing a modern, high-performance sanding machine. This decision formed the basis for the development of our rubbed lacquer surface, which is still unique to this day. In addition, he continuously implemented ideas and improvements that helped speed up the production process and make it more cost effective.

Wolfgang Weimann

The designer

After qualifying in industrial business management, Wolfgang joins the company and assumes responsibility for Sales and Administration. He develops and markets new door ideas and is the driving force behind the expansion of the company and its evolution into a specialist for doors.

“Thanks to your talents and wealth of ideas in the field of doors, you have managed to bring a broad range of innovative door models to the market. You are a real architect of door culture.” (Hans Weimann on September 2, 2002, celebrating the milestone of Wolfgang's 25th company anniversary)

Heidrun Weimann

The affectionate one

After her marriage to Wolfgang, Heidi takes over the company's Human Resources department. Today she is in charge of Accounting, HR and Legal. She also translated her role as a mother of three children early on into her role in the company. With great attentiveness she attends to issues big and small that affect our employees and customers and is always available for them, thereby shaping the atmosphere of cooperation in our family business.

Management today

Anne Hübner

The organiser

In 2010, Anne Hübner, the great-granddaughter of the company's founder, joined the company and took over the main areas of marketing, controlling and business management. Today, Anne shapes the processes of the growing family business and supports her brother and cousin in the management as an authorised signatory.

Mario & Martin Weimann

The 4th generation

In 2009 Martin Weimann joined the company as Technical Director, thereby laying the foundations for the development of new product lines and functional doors. He was followed 2018 by his cousin Mario Weimann, who took over Sales Management. On 01.01.2022 Mario took over the commercial management from his father Wolfgang.

“Together we hope to lead the company into the future
in the manner intended by our great-grandfather.”

(Mario, Martin and Anne)

Our employees

Creativity & attention to detail

We are incredibly proud of our employees who contribute so much to the success of our family business with lots of creativity, commitment, and expert knowledge. Every single colleague participates and helps to solve the often highly complex issues. Particularly the interaction between different parts of the company and the coordination between employees is one of our major strengths.

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