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“There’s no such thing as impossible” was always the motto of Hans Weimann, who guided the company away from its previous role as a joinery to focus on becoming a door manufacturer in the 1960s. His “Swabian inventiveness” still shapes ComTür to this day and is an inspiration for the 3rd and 4th generation of the family who are now running the business. Made-to-measure front doors made of wood with unique and weatherproof surfaces are available from ComTür in the lines CERA (ceramic doors) and GALAXY (glass covered front doors). Here, ComTür understands entrance doors as portal doors that can be designed across the entire facade.

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Pivot front doors

The entry door novelty: The entry door novelty: The innovative Pivot hinges allow the production of entry doors in large dimensions and with heavy weight. Because of that a large number of finishes are available. Like no other model, CIRCUM gives you the opportunity to design your entrance area to your unique design taste and needs. If the door is flush with the building’s façade, even the finish of the face of the doorcan be continued on the frame and on the building’s façade.

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Front doors made of reclaimed old wood

Genuine old wood, chopped exclusively with an axe and matured over generations. Carefully cleaned by hand, 100 to 500 year old aged wood, patched, steamed and processed by specialists to create a noble, ecological surface with the finestlook and feel.

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Front door with solid wood slats

The design of the building’s facadeis the focus on this door model. The solid wood plates cover the entry door including frame, fanlight or side panel. For example: When design space is limited, the appearance of a larger, grander entrance door is created when the slats continue over the building’s façadeand the garage door. The number and division of the side panels or the fanlight depends on you and your light requirements in the entrance area.



Ceramic front doors

With the objective to create a weatherproofed, safe and designable entrance door, ComTür developed the CERA model. The patented entrance door collection with CERADUR ceramic surface on the exterior side. The core technology is the double-shell Duotherm technology. This allows the interior side and exterior side of the door to be designed independently of each other.

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Glazed front doors

The GALAXY model line offers a clear and timeless design. The safety glass deck on the exterior side of the door is back painted according to your design needs. The glass surface has a highgloss finish, is easy to maintain and offers lasting protection. The basic door construction can be as a solid wood door leaf or with different light cut-out variations.

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"A design front door from ComTür is the calling card of your home."

(Wolfgang Weimann)


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