Türenhersteller seit über 100 Jahren

Door manufacturer

With 100 years of experience

The company was founded in 1919 by Martin Schütz as a construction carpentry shop and cabinet maker. Alongside traditional furniture production, the other main focus of the company’s activities after the war was carpentry work on construction sites. When Hans Weimann – the "tinkerer” – joined, the company evolved into a high-end internal construction and finishing supplier, before subsequently specializing in just door manufacture after the two sons Gerhard and Wolfgang joined. Today we are at the handover point to the 4th generation and are proud of our history as a family business and of our many employees, some of whom have been with us for very many years.

  • 1919
  • Heilbronn-Biberach

  • Foundation

    The company was founded in 1919 by Martin Schütz in the cellar of his home in Heilbronn-Biberach as a construction carpentry shop and cabinet maker.

  • Masterly

    The master craftsman's diploma of Martin Schütz (1921)

  • 1948
  • Lisa & Hans

  • Hans Weimann

    After his wedding to Lisa Schütz, Hans Weimann entered his father-in-law’s company. At the young age of just 13 he started an apprenticeship as a qualified cabinet maker in Wertheim am Main. His vision was to contribute with his furniture to the transformation that was taking place in terms of interior design.

    So that he could afford the cloth for his wedding suit, Hans Weimann fabricated ten valuable jewelry boxes, which he then sold to an art business in Frankfurt.

  • Furniture culture

    Elegant sitting room sideboard in French walnut by Hans Weimann (1954)

  • 1953
  • Schütz & Weimann

  • Starting a family

    “My dear Lisa and I had always worked so perfectly together. Her in the accounts department and household, and me in my job. Now there was time to start a family as well. As hoped, we had three healthy children. First there was Gerhard, initially a joiner and later on a technician, then Wolfgang, the businessman who went on to become a designer, and finally our third child Margit, who was the baby of the family” – Hans Weimann, during a speech on his 85th birthday.

  • 1960
  • The arch era

  • The tinkerer and inventor

    Hans Weimann allowed his “Swabian inventiveness” free rein when he spotted a gap in the market for the manufacture of arched window linings in one piece. Full of tenacity and dogged determination, he searched for solutions and techniques that would allow arched window linings to be produced more cost-effectively. It took many trials with different materials, equipment, and clamping tools until the right solutions emerged.

  • 1977
  • The transition

    Wolfgang & Gerhard Weimann (1977)

  • Wolfgang & Gerhard Weimann

    In 1977 the sons Gerhard and Wolfgang took over the management of “Weimann Tür & Form.” Expansion and further development of door production became the core business of the company. Gerhard proved himself as a technician and provided ideas that helped improve both the production process and product quality. Wolfgang grew into a driving force during the expansion of the company and became a creative door designer.

    “We have set up our production facilities to be flexible so that we can meet our customers’ wishes in the best possible way. We are really proud of our skilled workers, many of whom have been with us for many years and were trained in-house.” (Wolfgang Weimann)

  • 1988
  • ComTür

    Under the name “ComTür – Complett-Türen & Zubehör” (Complete Doors & Accessories) the company develops a brand new, modern line of doors in 1988 – a range of innovative and high-quality doors manufactured in a systematic process and marketed with selected accessories.

  • Special rubbed lacquer finish

  • High-quality surface

    Development of the ComTür rubbed lacquer surface, which is still unique to this day, for a silky/velvety finish in furniture quality. The multi-layered lacquer finish with an application of around  200-250 g/m² for white and colored lacquers is easy to care for, durable and resilient.

  • 1990
  • Doors to Riyadh

  • Export history

    In 1990 the first major overseas order for a sheik from Riyadh laid the foundations for what would go on to become the successful export history of the company. Following the motto “there’s no such thing as impossible,” doors are designed according to customer specifications for a wide range of markets.

  • 1997
  • New location

    In 1997 a second production location was built with an administrative building and a large doors gallery in the Böllinger Höfe industrial park in Heilbronn.

  • 2009
  • Mario, Anne & Martin

  • The 4th generation

    In 2009 Martin Weimann joined the company as Technical Director, thereby laying the foundations for the development of new product lines and functional doors. He was followed a year later by his cousin Anne Hübner, who focused on Marketing, Controlling and Corporate Governance. The trio was completed in 2018 by Mario Weimann, who took over Sales Management. Together they hope to lead the company into the future in the manner intended by their great-grandfather.

  • 2019
  • 100 years of interior design

    2019 saw major celebrations to mark the occasion of our 100-year anniversary.

  • 2022
  • Mario & Martin

  • Change of Managing Director

    Our senior boss Wolfgang Weimann stepped down as managing director on 31.12.2021 and will handed over the commercial management to his son Mario Weimann from 2022. Together with his cousin Martin Weimann, our technical managing director, and his sister Anne (authorised signatory), the 4th generation is now taking over the over 100-year-old family business.

  • Simply proud

    ComTür Team

    We are proud of our history as a family business and the generations that have contributed so much to the development of the company. We are proud of the values and guiding principles that still apply now as they did then, and in particular we are also very proud of our many employees, some of whom have been with us for very many years, who have enabled us to help elevate the quality of living and interior design of our customers with our doors.

A family business for 100 years

"The history of our family is also at the heart of the history of ComTür."

CEO Wolfgang Weimann in an interview.

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