Frameless door topped with stone


Frameless door topped with stone

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Frameless doors

Doors with invisible frames

The “invisible” frame system FLAT VD is fully integrated in the wall and therefore offers many options for wall design. As a concealed door that disappears in the course of the wall, as a ceiling-high variant with matching surface to the floor, or in the decor of the kitchen – the aim of this system is to integrate the door as a wall-designing element in the overall living space concept. In combination with the VARIA-Protect door leaf system with protective edging made of aluminum, there are almost limitless decor variants for the door leaf – whether glass, stone, or leather.


Wall design elements

Frameless doors open up new possibilities for room design. Why not have the door disappear completely in the room by matching it to the wall color, or use a mirror to add a special touch? Without a frame to get in the way, the door leaf alone acts as a design surface. We have a range of different variants available for you, including reverse-opening versions.

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SVING the internal pivot door

A new form of room design

Doors no longer simply play a functional role. More and more frequently they are also used as an exclusive design element for interiors. Pivot doors represent design with a cultured, beautiful appearance. They are invisible when closed, but offer a spatial effect as soon as they are opened.

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Aluminum frames for great surface variety

With VARIA-Protect technology you can choose from a huge range of different surface materials for your door design and continue the finish onto the wall as well if required – including mirrors, stone,

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