Bespoke sound insulation doors for your project

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Bespoke sound insulation doors for your project

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Functional doors

Door solutions made to measure

With know-how that has been handed down through the generations and our “Swabian inventiveness,” we are able to entirely develop our doors in-house and then have them tested and certified by renowned testing institutes. This not only ensures that the basic requirements are met by your internal or front door, but also makes it possible to equip the door with additional functions. Based on a modular building block principle, depending on the required functionality the door insert can be adapted accordingly, for example by using a special insulation insert for increased thermal insulation or by using a steel insert of the type used on our bullet-resistant designs. We offer the perfect door solution for every requirement.

Smoke protection doors and fire safety doors

Preventive fire protection

In certain buildings and areas, doors are required to offer fire-resistant, fireproof, and smoke-resistant properties in order to meet the safety requirements for preventive fire protection. The areas of application are defined and stipulated by the responsible building control authority. ComTür develops and tests its elements in-house, in some cases on a project-specific basis.

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Sound insulation doors

Keeping things quiet

There are minimum requirements that apply to the required airborne sound insulation of doors between certain areas and rooms to prevent sound from outside apartments and external work areas from penetrating inside. Depending on the area of use, these are divided into the sound protection classes SK1-SK4 with corresponding sound insulation values.

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100 years of experience in building doors

Since 1919 we have been manufacturing high-quality doors at our door factory in Heilbronn. Our doors stand out with exceptionally high-quality finish, surface quality, and the use of exclusive components.

Climate control doors

Controlling climatic influences

Due to the effects of the climate, wood used as the door material – and therefore the door leaf itself – can warp. This can happen on apartment entrance doors, front doors, or wet room doors that are exposed to different climatic conditions on the inside and outside.

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Anti-burglary doors

Burglary protection up to RC3

An anti-burglary door is an element that – when closed, locked, and bolted – is capable of resisting attempted break-ins with physical force for a certain length of time. These doors are classified using the resistance classes RC1-RC3.

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Bullet-resistant doors

For ultimate safety

Bullet-resistant doors are used in areas where increased requirements apply in terms of safety against burglary and attacks. Examples of this include branches of banks and building societies, airports, police stations, ministries, and embassies. Increasingly, the use of bullet-resistant doors is now also required in the hotel and catering industry.

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Romantik Hotel Spielweg // Hotel doors
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HUBERTUS Mountain Refugio Allgäu // Fire protection doors
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“We have set up our production facilities to be flexible so that we can meet our customers’ wishes in the best possible way.”

(Wolfgang Weimann)

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