Door and frame flush with the wall


For door, wall, and door frame

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Rahmenlose Tür System FLAT VD


For door, wall, and door frame

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Door and frame flush with the wall

Wall-flush doors

It's all a question of choosing the right system

ComTür offers five different wall-flush door frame systems for creating a flush unit of wall, door frame, and door leaf. The INTRA UZ system uses a subframe (with and without an aluminum shadow joint) to get the wall, frame, and door element perfectly flush. FLAT VD stands for wall-flush internal doors with concealed frames – just like our internal pivot doors in the SVING line. On the FLAT ALU-20 model, the door is positioned flush to the wall with the aid of a concealed block frame featuring an impact-resistant, delicately finished aluminum edge.


System with subframe

The frame system INTRA UZ combines a subframe and a shadow joint to create a surface-flush unit between door, door frame, and wall. Depending on the installation situation, a distinction is made between a frame variant suitable for flush-rendering with aluminum profile (UZ-ALU) and without (installation in the rendered reveal).

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System with subframe and aluminum profile

INTRA UZ-ALU is an addition to the INTRA UZ frame system that adds an aluminum profile in the shadow joint (suitable for flush-rendering). The profile can be powder coated in a wide range of different RAL colors to suit customer preferences and match the rest of the door fitments, creating an individualized look for your door as well. The wall-flush frame system is also available as a reverse-opening variant or for different functional requirements (e.g. sound insulation).



Wall design elements

Frameless doors open up new possibilities for room design. Why not have the door disappear completely in the room by matching it to the wall color, or use a mirror to add a special touch? Without a frame to get in the way, the door leaf alone acts as a design surface. We have a range of different variants available for you, including reverse-opening versions.

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Wall elevation

Flexible direction of opening for doors

For standardized wall elevation and space design, we recommend the use of reverse-opening doors. This allows you to achieve a uniform design e.g. in the entrance area, independently of the direction in which the door opens.


System with wall-flush aluminum frame

The FLAT ALU-20 frame system with impact-resistant corner profile and delicately finished 20 mm filigree edge is ideal for public, non-residential areas. Different frame variants (including ones certified for fire safety and sound insulation) allow individual and flexible coordination with the interior design concept. The slim frame with a small shadow groove can be powder coated in various colors.

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SVING – the internal pivot door

A new form of room design

Doors no longer simply play a functional role. More and more frequently they are also used as an exclusive design element for interiors. Pivot doors represent design with a cultured, beautiful appearance. They are invisible when closed, but offer a spatial effect as soon as they are opened.

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"We want to give our customers the freedom to design."

(Anne-Kathrin Hübner)