Quality doors

What quality means to us

High-quality finishing, a perfect exterior, flexibility, know-how in our craft and handiwork, continuous new developments, durability, and attention to detail. These are the characteristics that make a door an unmistakable ComTür door. To do this, we offer our customers services and problem solutions that go beyond the purely functional element, combined with a select range of accessories covering handle sets, glass panels, matching skirting boards, and more.

Our goal is to ensure that you still enjoy the quality of our doors in 20 years’ time.

Door frame

Perfect miters without joints

This quality characteristic emphasizes the uniqueness of ComTür real wood doors. Our door frames are manufactured from wood core plywood, glued together in the factory ready for installation, and the miters are then retrospectively painted over. The door linings are encased or veneered with a thick edge band and are covered with a moisture barrier on the back. The door frame construction itself is variable and can be adapted to any construction scenario. The wide range of different variants of ComTür door frames reaches from “invisible” for our frameless doors to sumptuous decor paneling for our style doors.


Video – ComTür quality

High-quality finishing, a perfect exterior, flexibility, know-how in our craft and handiwork, continuous new developments, durability, and attention to detail. These are the characteristics that make a door an unmistakable ComTür door.

Interview: Why quality doors?

What is it that sets a quality door apart?

Martin Weimann:
Our doors are characterized in particular by what is going on inside them. We manufacture our doors with a solid door leaf construction, i.e. with solid wood edge bands covered on 3 sides and stabilizers made of hardwood. To this end, even the basic versions of our doors have a high-quality, sound-absorbing solid particle board insert.

Why is this important?

Martin Weimann:
Our goal is to ensure that our doors are durable. We want our customers to still enjoy their door and its quality after 20 years. In addition, the solid construction also means that the fittings can be embedded in the solid material so that they are safe against being pulled out and nothing starts to become loose even after many years.

Why not just replace the door after 10 years?

Martin Weimann:
Unfortunately, it is not quite as straightforward with doors as it is with a bath or kitchen fittings. Doors are in every room, and the frames are permanently attached to the walls. Therefore it only makes sense to replace the doors if a structural restoration is being carried out, as the work involved and the amount of dirt created in the process make the apartment uninhabitable.

(Martin Weimann has been Technical Director since 2010, and in this role he is responsible in particular for technical implementation, checking, and production of our doors.)

Door construction

Durability in every aspect

Every door from Com-Tür is equipped with strong solid wood stabilizers all around and has a core made of quality inserts. Depending on the requirements, either solid particle board or wood core plywood are used. Our internal blank construction facilities enable us to make special sizes of any kind and to adapt the quality doors to any construction scenario. The way the door lock and the hinges are embedded in solid material makes them particularly safe against being pulled out. The door leaf edges are solid and made of high-grade woods. The slightly rounded edges are elegant and prevent injuries. It is not possible for the door leaf edges to become detached in the same way as on standard doors.

Surface quality & variety

Silky/velvety surface

Thanks to our top-quality surface finishing, we are able to create bespoke door finishes that are perfectly tailored to the relevant interior design concept. We use a multi-layer lacquer finish with light protection in furniture quality. The ComTür specialty: Our high-quality rubbed lacquer surfaces for white and colored lacquers with an application of approx. 200-250 g/m². All colored lacquers and stains, special varnishes and effect finishes, high-gloss doors, patinas (these can also be produced based on a sample), as well as natural surfaces with an oiled or waxed surfaces are possible.

Perfect wax for every surface

"Our uniqueness is in the detail."

It is the details of our craft and handiwork that set ComTür apart from other manufacturers – evidence of the skills and perfectionist approach of our employees and joiners. Details like hand-finished enclosures that imitate woodworm holes in antique doors. The high-quality, silky/velvety finish in furniture quality that characterizes our famous rubbed lacquer surface. The detailed coordination of fillings, fine door frame profiles, and matching skirting boards. We combine the skills of traditional craft with state-of-the-art technology to build designer doors that make our customers happy.