Ceramic front doors


Entrance doors with NEOLITH or ceramic surfaces on the outside are absolutely scratch-resistant and weatherproofed. The arrangement and combination of the surfaces with other materials (stainless steel, glass or wood) results in a wide range of design options.


Our tip

You get an impressive entrance area with the FLAT frame system, where the frame is concealed on the outside. The surface material of the ceramic front door can thus be continued on the frame or the façade.


Video function test pivot door with NEOLITH

Main features

  • Twin-shell duotherm technology
  • Solid door leaf construction, TS 96 mm
  • High-quality fittings and security components
  • Customizable door dimensions
  • CERADUR surface

Your advantages

Scratch-resistant and weatherproofed surface, design customization through a variety of surfaces, combination and arrangement options.

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