Modell FLORENZ mit Furnieroberfläche auf Rahmenart
Schiebetür Modell MARBELLA mit markantem Füllungsprofil
Modell TOSCANA mit tieferliegender Füllung

Mediterranean doors

Style doors with a Mediterranean flair

This collection brings together a range of style doors with a Mediterranean charm. The models differ in terms of their panel designs, sometimes emphasized with striking panel profiles like on the MARBELLA and TOSCANA models, or with a panel design achieved with overlaid friezes as in the VENEZIA range, or with a delicate panel look with lines of finely grooved V-joints made of solid wood on the FLORENCE range. The complex, coordinated details give our models their special impact.

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Delicate panel look with V-joints

The FLORENZ model offers a clear design aesthetic with a Mediterranean flavor. The delicate panel look is emphasized with lines of finely milled V-joints in solid wood. The white lacquered surface gives the doors an air of timeless beauty. Expressive veneers like walnut or cherry are used to add a classic touch to the FLORENZ range.

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Intricate details with clear lines

MARBELLA – Expressive style from the door leaf to the cornice. The intricate and carefully coordinated details give this model its unique feel. The MARBELLA-Gold variant stands out as a special highlight. The combination of gold effect in the detailing and profiles and the patina in the surface showcase our traditional craftsmanship.


Profiles, decorative frames, skirting boards

Trim bars, glass cutout profiles, and skirting boards are visually matched to each other to perfectly complement the different door models. In addition, we also have interior trims and door leaf edges with different profiles as well as decorative profiled frames.


Deeper door panels and a beautiful profile

What makes the TOSCANA door series so special is its deeper infill with finely profiled TF10 infill bars and frame-style veneering. The warm red and brown tones of cherry or walnut symbolize elegance and harmony, while surfaces painted white offer a timeless effect. ComTür’s range of veneer peeled from logs enables uniform veneer coloring and wood grain patterns.

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Panel design with flexible choice of overlaid friezes

VENEZIA – Warm wood tones and streamlined design create a pleasant Mediterranean flair, where different panel options can be combined with a flexible choice of overlaid friezes for a huge range of model variants. A matching glass version is also available for each design. The combination creates a comfortable, homely ambiance with long-lasting style.

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"Transforming the natural resource ‘wood’ into enduring values through creative design."

(Hans Weimann)


Romantik Hotel Spielweg // Hotel doors with veneer surface
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