Kaisergarten Hotel & SPA, Deidesheim (Pfalz)

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Hotel Kaisergarten in Deidesheim

[Translate to en:] Schallschutztüren in Stilausführung VIENNA Design 4 mit Füllungsdoppeln nach historischer Vorlage
[Translate to en:] Zimmereingangstüren in Asteiche in Brand- und Schallschutzausführung

Short break in the “German Tuscany.” Thanks to its mild climate, the Palatinate region of Germany is often referred to as the “German Tuscany.” Right in the heart of this idyllic area is the Kaisergarten Hotel & Spa, which sees itself as an exclusive location for people who enjoy the finer things in life, people who are looking for rest and recuperation, businesspeople, and time travelers looking for more than just a bed for the night. This attitude to life was to serve as the benchmark when it came to the interior design of the new conference rooms and the addition of new hotel rooms. The conference rooms were fitted out with SK3 sound insulation doors in an old German design, which perfectly complemented the old building stock. By contrast, the hotel rooms featured modern doors made of beautiful oak veneer.

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Planning: Architects arp architekten, Hamburg/Germany  
Design: Fire protection and noise insulation elements for conference rooms and hotel rooms

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