Invisible door covered with stone

Hocus pocus

Our flexible unfinished construction and 100 years of experience in door construction allow us to respond flexibly to customer wishes. In this high-quality residential project in Munich, the door into the adjoining kitchen was to be invisibly integrated into the course of the wall. The exclusive stone of the wall and floor had to run seamlessly over the door. This is made possible by our FLAT VD frameless door system, where the frame is invisibly plastered into the wall. The wall panels can thus be worked right up to the door leaf. The result is a unique, clear wall design. The mirror-polished fittings round off the look of the room. With this option of room design, almost all surfaces of floors, wall panels or cabinets can also run over the invisible door without limits.

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"We are pleased when we can contribute to the living culture

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(Wolfgang Weimann)


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