Designtüren in Schwarz

Die Macht der Farbe

Design doors in black

The power of colour

Black stands for elegance, power, formality and offers maximum contrast in combination with additional colours. Combining the colour with special materials creates its own unique effects that influence the feeling of space.

The colour black runs through our door lines in a wide variety of surfaces. As a frameless door covered with leather, as a modern panel door with a dash lacquer surface, as a front door covered with black steel or glass, or simply painted black.

Let us inspire you!


Traditional doors with modern panel profile TA50

The VIENNA model is a very flexible panel door that changes its character to match the interior design, depending on the panel layout and profile, cladding bar and surface. In a high-quality, black line lacquer surface combined with the clear panel profile TA 50, the door line looks very elegant and expressive.

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Wall-designing doors

Frameless doors open up a wide range of room design options. Let the door disappear completely into the room in wall colour or set accents with a mirror. Here, the door leaf is a design surface. The variant next door has been covered on one side with imitation leather. A modern handle without key and handle rosette is recommended here.

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Portal elements

Impressive entrance doors made to measure

Flat entrance doors are used to set accents, especially in high-quality residential buildings. A protruding portal emphasises this feature and underlines the quality of the architecture in the entrance area. The portal can be designed entirely as desired in terms of shape and surface and reflect the interior design or aspects of the architecture.

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Modern front doors made of wood

Our roots are in furniture making, so traditionally we place great value on the high-quality surface of our entrance doors. We have helped to develop the surface systems used in order to preserve the natural beauty of the wood structure or to emphasise it, depending on the type of wood. The entrance door was made with oak veneer and then painted over with CT-Protect thick-layer stain.

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Elegant front door with modern panel design

CLASSÉ is the most elegant model of our classic front door line. Its variants differ in the single or double panel design, the panel design is made according to the customer's wishes. The colour black emphasises the elegance and formality of the model, especially in combination with polished fittings.

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Front doors with black steel

You get a unique entrance area with front doors that are covered on the outside with original black steel or black steel design. This is possible with the TITAN models or the CIRCUM pivot front door model. If the material is continued beyond the actual front door onto the façade, an impressive portal is created. Other entrance door models with black materials on the outside of the door can be found in GALAXY (entrance doors with glass) or STONE (entrance doors with stone).


"We want to give our customers the freedom to design."

(Anne-Kathrin Hübner)