Milled art nouveau doors

Conventional style doors with milled door panels

The SIENA model is the entry model into our range of style doors. The door with milled panels impresses with a panel style that is both classic and simple. ComTür offers this model in SOLID and EXCLUSIVE versions. On the SIENA-SOLID model, the vertical V-joints emphasize the chiseled look of the frame. The SIENA-EXCLUSIVE version complements the SOLID version with overlaid TF10 and TA51 panel profiles and profiled infills.


Doors with milled panels without trim bars

In the SOLID version of the SIENA model, the art nouveau styling is emphasized with vertical V-joints to give the frame a chiseled look. The appearance of the milled panel is based on our character style doors with real panel inserts. For the frame variant we recommend a simple CONTUR trim finish.

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With panel profile TF10

The SIENA-EXCLUSIVE version adds an overlaid panel profile TF10 and profiled paneling to the SOLID variant, but does not use V-joints to create a chiseled look. In addition, the SIENA model is also an art nouveau style door for all functional requirements (e.g. sound insulation, fire safety, or anti-burglary protection) that offers almost limitless design variants.

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With panel profile TA51

As well as profiled panels, the SIENA-EXCLUSIV TA 51 model also features an overlaid panel profile TA 51. Its finish is more intricate than the panel profile TF 10 and gives the door a unique character. For modern designs we recommend the PLANO door frame variant with concealed hinges for flush installation of door and frame.

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Multifunction doors

Based on a modular building block principle, depending on the required functionality the door insert can be adapted accordingly, for example by using an insulation insert for increased thermal insulation or a steel insert of the type used on bullet-resistant designs.

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Project example

Historical preservation project, Frankfurt am Main/Germany

In this project in Frankfurt, historical preservation needed to be reconciled in terms of design with modern safety technology, all combined with tremendous levels of detail. We supplied luxurious style doors from the SIENA line with a high-quality rubbed lacquer surface and a matching apartment entrance door.