Arched and country house doors

Classic style doors with arched tops

The manufacture of arched doors with round, segment or basket arches belongs to the traditional roots of ComTür. Today, the production of these impressive elements allows us to still demonstrate our know-how when it comes to handiwork and precision work. With plenty of attention to detail and a genuine appreciation of wood as a natural material, we can create “works of art” that add something special to any room. Depending on the choice of surface and door fitments, these then become our country house doors, each with a unique character.

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Basket arch

Depressed arch

If the design is formed with a depressed arch then we talk of basket arched doors. ComTür can manufacture basket arch versions of plain, style door, or panel door elements. With our flexible blank construction department, we can also build twin-leaf elements or doors with glass cutouts.

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Segment arches

Flat semicircular arc

A segment arch (also known as a flat arch) is a circular arch that describes less than a full half-circle, instead covering a circular arc of less than 180°. This arch shape offers generous design options particularly in the twin-leaf variant. On request we can also incorporate various transom windows or side panels.

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Round Arch

Curved in a semicircle

The success story of our company began with the development of single-piece arched linings for windows, doors, and passageways. On a door with a round arched top, the upper area of a door element has a round arch (semicircle). At our versatile production facilities in Heilbronn in Swabia, we can manufacture a range of different design variants for you, whether as plain doors or panel doors.

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Our roots

Hans Weimann allowed his “Swabian inventiveness” free rein when he spotted a gap in the market for the manufacture of arched window linings in one piece. It took many trials with different materials, equipment, and clamping tools until the right solutions emerged.

Country house doors

All natural

A traditional COUNTRY HOUSE style can take many forms. Depending on the choice of surface and door fitments, each of the different models is given its unique character. From dark, heavy oak to earthy, strong spruce – or even streak-coated or patina effects.

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"Transforming the natural resource ‘wood’ into enduring values through creative design."

(Hans Weimann)

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