Classic front doors


ANTIK stands for stylish entrance doors with genuinely flattened panels and elaborate profiles in high-quality finishes. As with our interior door models, countless design options are available for the division of the panels. Depending on the choice of surface, whether it is rustic oak or, for example, deep black varnished, the entrance door receives its unique character.

The flexible design of the panel division, side panels, fanlights and also light cut-outs, creates your very unique and one of a kind entrance door.



Luxurious city villa
Various projects style front doors


Video: Craftsmanship

Main features

  • Twin-shell duotherm technology
  • Solid door leaf construction, TS 96 mm
  • High-quality fittings and security components
  • Customizable door dimensions
  • Stylish entrance doors with genuinely flattened panels

Your advantages

Stylish front door with flexible panel layout and surface design.



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