Exklusive Haustür TITAN mit Stahl belegt
Haustürbesonderheit STONE mit Stein belegt

Exclusive front doors

Unique front doors with special character

Regardless of the chosen size, and whether with a special side panel, a transom window in door leaf design, covered with steel or stone, or with unique fittings that are forged by hand – we can design the outside of the door in the style of your house and adapt the inside to match the color, wood type, and design of the interior stylings. There are no limits to your creativity. Among our special front doors you will also find – alongside elegant front doors with surface-flush glazing – a number of “exotic” designs. Enjoy discovering them!

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Front door with stone surface

Stone is a natural product that has been created over millions of years ago. Each natural stone slab is unique, like a work of art that nature spend years creating yet at the same time scratch-resistant and extremely durable. These are the characteristics that define our STONE entrance door line.

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Front door with steel surface

You will get an unique entrance area with the model TITAN. The deck on the outside of the door is covered with robust steel or aluminium. Its insensitivity to weathering and its characteristic patina make these surfaces ideal for special accents in architecture. If the material is continued on the building’s facade beyond the actual entrance door, an impressive entry is created.

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Glass cutout with surface-flush glazing

Another way to elegantlyincorporate light cut-outs into the door leaf is offered by the front door model VIEW. For a perfect combination of glass and wood,the insulating glazing is flush mounted into the main door leaf as a step variant. The contact surface of the step is painted on the back in your desired colour. These details reflect the expert skills of our specialists and the high ComTür quality.

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With short, integrated handle recess

The SQUARE model is probably one of our most flexible entrance door models. The three areas defined on the door leaf, as well as the frieze with a short recessed grip can be defined and designed in a variety of ways. Whether in a wooden surface, delimited by the horizontally running veneer design in the middle or with different colour coatings, there are almost no limits to your creativity.

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Tradition and innovation

With 100 years of experience in the field of door construction, we manufacture everything ourselves – from blank construction to final assembly. We are particularly proud of the diversity of models and surfaces we can offer.

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With long, integrated handle recess

The STRATOS door deck consists of two almost freely customizable elements: a large door area and a frieze with a long integrated recessed grip. The character of your entance door changes depending on the combination of the two surfaces. If you use wood on the top surface and the frieze, the door will radiate warmth. If you combine deep black with a stainless steel frieze, it appears elegant.

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Front door with copper surface

The entrance door line COPPER combines the traditional material of copper with innovative entrance door technology. Copper is a natural product and provides an absolutely robust, corrosion-resistant and weatherproofed surface on the exterior side of the door. There are currently 12 design options available. Due to our many years of „tinkering“, we are also able to implement designs according to customer requirements and manufacture them at our production site in Heilbronn.

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"An exclusive front door from ComTür is the calling card of your home."

(Wolfgang Weimann)


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